About us

Edwin Duinkerken
Passionate about webdevelopment and coffee

For over ten years I’ve been developing websites for several businesses. My favorite aspects of this work are the personal contact with clients, that you can really serve others with your knowledge and talents and that you create something new all the time. The main challenge of this profession is that you always have to keep learning, because the technological developments change quickly. I love to learn new things, so that’s also a part of this work that I really enjoy.

Later in life I started to appreciate coffee and that love has especially grown during my journeys in America. The coziness of Starbucks there is something I still enjoy here in the Netherlands these days. Also with drinking coffee, the human factor is important. Quite often I meet new people from all over the world while I’m enjoying a cup of coffee.

With Webpuccino® I bring those two passions together.

Have a coffee with me
Working together for the best results

Webpuccino® doesn’t do everything alone, but works often together with other professionals to guarantee the best quality and service. We work together with technical companies for the delivery of webhosting and domains en we work with creative designers to design beautiful websites. Working together with designers is very convenient, because they can focus on the creative part and Webpuccino® takes care of the development and optimization. We’re always open for new cooperations, so if you’re looking for someone for the development and optimization of websites, contact us!

Work together with Webpuccino®
Quality and service

Just like you can taste the difference in quality when you drink a cup of coffee, you can also see if websites are good developed or not. For coffee it’s important to have good beans, for websites it’s important that the code is written well. Webpuccino® creates websites that not only look good, but also work great. The websites are loading fast and work on various devices. Modern techniques are used and the code is clearly structured so that the websites are future proof.

Besides high quality is a friendly service also very important. Webpuccino® stands for personal service. We think with the client and try to find the best solutions together. You can reach us easily via e-mail and telephone and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible. The same friendliness you expect from a good barista, you can also expect from Webpuccino®.

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Webdevelopment like drinking coffee

Our core values


Drinking coffee is a moment of enjoying. Managing your websites should be pleasant. It should be something you can do in between your day-to-day activities, it shouldn't cost too much time and it should be enjoyable to do.


Just like a coffee place we deliver a service to our clients. We customise the product to their wishes. From latte macchiato to espresso, it's all possible.


Drinking coffee is accessible. You can do it almost everywhere in the world. Likewise are we accessible: we're easy to reach via phone, email and social media and managing your website is possible from everywhere in the world.

High quality

Coffee is a quality product; we deliver websites of high quality that distinguish themselves in that way. We deliver products we're proud of to sign it with our name.


Drinking coffee is relaxing; of course we are professional, but we also want to communicate with our clients in a relaxed and friendly manner.