The websites that we deliver are uniquely designed. That way there are never two websites the same. The designs are responsive, which means that it automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device that the user views the website on.


All code is written by hand to guarantee the best quality. In this proces the websites are also already optimised for the best results. The websites are programmed according to the W3C guidelines and with use of modern techniques.


The speed and stability of a website is determined for a large part by the server on which it’s hosted. We work together with a reliable server provider to offer the best web hosting. This way our websites are fast and consistently online.

The creation of a website

Step by step

The creation of a website takes in total about four to five weeks. It starts with communicating the requirements of the website and based on that to create wireframes and a design. When that’s allright, the website will be coded. After that it’s time for the finishing touch and the website can be optimised to load as fast as possible. Finally everything is checked extensively one more time and the website can be launched.

Wireframes and design (two weeks)0

Development (2 weeks)0

CMS implementation and website optimization (1 week)0


The development of a website contains several activities and that’s how our prices are set up. Broadly you can choose between an uniquely designed website with accompanying development or a website based on a template. Next to that Webpuccino® offers a total package containing all the web services you need. Of course it’s also possible to get a tailored offer.

  • Webdesign: The creative design of a website
  • 1500one time fee
    • Logo
    • Corporate identity
    • Wireframes
    • Unique webdesign

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  • Webdevelopment: The construction of a website
  • 1500one time fee
    • Responsive website
    • W3C valid html/css
    • Cross-browser tested
    • Implementation CMS

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  • Template website: Customising an existing design
  • 2000one time fee
    • Low-budget alternative
    • Fast delivery
    • Template customized to corporate identity

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  • Service package: The website online and easily managed by you
  • 25monthly
    • Own domain name
    • Webhosting
    • Emailadresses
    • Webpuccino® webmanager
    • Extensive statistics
    • Free updates
    • Daily back-ups
    • Support

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All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT