Developing websites is a craft. First, a user friendly design needs to be created which can then be programmed to a fast and good working website. There are lots of people these days that make a simple webpage, but if you want a good website you better ask a professional. What you don’t want for example is that your website suddenly goes offline, or gets hacked and covered with spam messages. A good website needs to be always online, to load quickly and to be well secured so nothing can go wrong. Furthermore a good website needs to score high in the search ranking, so people can find you. In short, there are many aspects of developing a good website.

The process

A good website starts with thinking about what the goal of the website is. What do you want to accomplish with your site? It is just a business card where people can find some information about your business or would you like to get new clients through your website? Is it a website with a blog or do you want more functionality like a webshop? When you have an idea of what you want (and we can advise you on that), then the work can start. Depending on the budget, a choice is made between a default theme that’s customized or to create a unique design made from scratch. When the design is ready, it’ll be programmed and then all the content can be placed on the website. When all the texts and photos are on the website, everything will be checked again and optimized where needed, so everything looks good and the website is as fast a possible. Finally the website can go live for the world to see it. The whole process of developing a website takes about three to four weeks.

A website by Webpuccino®

Why would you choose us for creating your website? We’re developing fast and user friendly websites that you can easily manage yourself. We’ve been working for over 15 years for many different clients who are very happy with our services. We do our best to serve you as well as possible, we think with you for the best solutions and love to help you when you have questions.

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