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Do you know those businesses where you buy something and then have to find out for yourself how everything works and don’t get any help if you run into problems? It’s frustrating, costs a lot of time and leaves you unhappy. Webpuccino® has a different approach. We develop great websites and also give the support and help where needed. You can ask us your questions and we love to help you!

  • Within 24 hours a reply on your e-mail
  • Also available by telephone
  • Everything taken care of for your website

Do you want to know more about how we can help you with our web services? Contact us to have a cup of coffee and talk about your website.

Why Webpuccino®

In everything we do, we want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Among other things we do that in the following ways:

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Free advise for your website
  • Within 24 hours an answer to your e-mail
  • Also available by telephone
  • Fast, responsive websites
  • Personal support
  • Working together for the best solutions
  • Extensive instruction to enable you to manage your website yourself
  • Technical support to keep your website in good shape

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What others think of us

“Everything works fine”

My website is now exactly like I want it to be. Webpuccino® has carried out everything that I wanted and I’m happy with that. It all works good and looks nice, which is important, because it’s my business card for clients.

Alice de Bruijn Paper & Pages

“Exceptionally pleasant to work with”

I’ve chosen for Webpuccino®, because I know from experience that I’ll get a good product and a super service. Webpuccino® makes sure that I can easily manage my website and that the website is found in the search engines. It’s exceptionally pleasant to work with Webpuccino®. They’re always willing to help, they respond quickly on questions or problems and they’ll do their absolute best to make sure everything works as it should.

Marjolein van der Kemp Van Huis Uit

“Experienced and professional”

Webpuccino® means for me professional, communication and humour. Great guys, experienced, professional and a good sense of humour. You can do business very well with Webpuccino®. They aren’t IT nerds, but normal people with who you can work together.

Ad Koens Het Party Schip


Webpuccino® has helped me by giving me the trust that everything works and that if I have problems, I can call or e-mail. Webpuccino® is positive, thinks with you and gives clear info. The communication is pleasant and that’s why it works so well.

Judith Muijtjens Wonderful Day Design


Webpuccino® builds the website with close attention and has well thought about it. Webpuccino® really thinks with you. Have a cup of coffee with them and discover how creatively Webpuccino® thinks with you.

Ferdinand Aukes InnerQi

“Personal and fast service”

Webpuccino® is personal, gives fast service and thinks actively with you. Technically everything works outstanding. Webpuccino® delivers with personal service a tailor-made website that you can manage yourself, with pleasant support when needed.

Henrik Looij Eyeopenerworks

“Professionality in combination with friendliness and acting quickly”

I chose for Webpuccino® because of the expertise and pleasant communication. They’re open-minded for new idea’s and like to join me in thinking out-of-the-box. Webpuccino® has taken care of all technical issues. That saves me a lot of time figuring everything out and I don’t have any unexpected high costs when there are problems. I’m confident that my website is always online and up-to-date. This way I can completely focus myself on running my business. The cooperation with Webpuccino® went perfect and all my ideas are realised. The final result is a professional website just like I had in mind and I can manage it easily myself. Awesome!

Dianta Weeda The Roar

“Top business”

The speed of my website is enormously increased. Also I can ask them everything. I’m very happy with Webpuccino®. It’s just a great company.

Mahatma Revier Spirit Coaching

“More beautiful than I could have imagined”

The first contact with Webpuccino® was very pleasant which gave me immediately the trust that it would work out and I was right about that. My website is even more beautiful than I could have imagined before we started. The website is very easy and user friendly to manage, so it costs me almost no time. Webpuccino® ensures a pleasant cooperation. Problems on the website are immediately solved and they think actively with you for solutions. I’m very excited and content about Webpuccino®!

Nora Aardenburg Norra Zweedse Meubels

“Friendly and helpful”

De website die we voorheen hadden was erg verouderd en het CMS was niet optimaal. Webpuccino® heeft onze website gemoderniseerd en zo ingericht dat het mij minder tijd en moeite kost om de website te onderhouden. Het is een erg prettige samenwerking, Webpuccino® is vriendelijk, behulpzaam en meedenkend.

The website we had before was very dated and the CMS wasn’t optimal. Webpuccino® has modernised our website and created it in such a way that it costs me less time and energy to maintain the website. It’s a very pleasant corporation. Webpuccino® is friendly, helpful and thinks with you.

Thijs Reiling Clipjesfabriek

“Doesn’t cost too much”

Webpuccino® knows everything about websites. It surely doesn’t cost too much and it just works relaxed, fast and easy.

Giso Spijkerman

“Everything is great”

I’m happy with the results and even more delighted with the cooperation. Because I’ve developed several websites (lowbudget to very high budget) I also have various experiences with what’s possible in a budget and what’s technically possible. I found it hard to estimate how professional and capable Webpuccino® would be, also because of the low costs. I am content with the results. It’s nice that the contact is so informal. Every thing is great!

Linda van der Ven Brainport Smart Mobility

“Just do it!”

Webpuccino® is a relieve in comparison with our previous website service provider. The old website is completely redone and all social media links are fixed. If someone would ask me if you should do business with Webpuccino®, I would say: Just do it! Everything will be better and also your own skills improve with the smart app of Webpuccino®.

Vital Agterberg Advocatenkantoor Agterberg & Van Dijk

“Prime business with prime service”

We’re working with Webpuccino® already for a very long time, because they build good website that we can easily manage ourselves.

Ronald de Haan Jongerenwerk Barkema & de Haan

“Makes me happy”

Working with Webpuccino® makes me happy. I know they listen to me and if I have questions or something isn’t clear, they help me in a great way. I experience the friendliness and helpfulness of Webpuccino® as very enjoyable.

Sita Sinnema Fier met paarden

“Helped in a fantastic way”

We are always quickly and friendly helped. The technical side of Webpuccino® is amazing, the website is easy to manage. What I find even more important, when it occurs that you need some help, you’re always quickly helped in a fantastic way.

Dagmar Tempel Lupo Behrend Stucwerk

“Quickly helped”

Our website was hosted at a different provider and was hacked. Webpuccino® took quick action and solved it immediately. Furthermore are they helping quickly when we have questions or problems.

Ewoud van Dillen Van Dillen Advies

“Focussed on service”

Webpuccino® is personal, has expertise, is enthusiastic, thinks with you and gives great advise. Webpuccino® supports me with all kinds of website things. Webpuccino® is focussed on service and thinks with you, I recommend them.

Margreet Jonker Topcoach Margreet Jonker


Webpuccino® takes care of the things around your website in a pleasant and involved way. For example they also helped me with my Instagram account. I didn’t get that working myself and I was very happy when Webpuccino® fixed it for me.

Laura Engels Le Living


It’s nice to be able to oursource all technical tasks to reliable partner. I hope to continue working with Webpuccino® for a long time.

Martijn Staal

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Making the world a better place

Webpuccino® plant bomen om een positieve bijdrage aan de wereld te leveren.

Trees planted

Webpuccino® wants to make a positive contribution to the world. Besides doing that by offering great products and services, we use a part of our proceeds to plant trees. For that we corporate with the foundation One Tree Planted. So far we’ve planted 750 trees. Read more

Making a difference

Webpuccino® helpt mensen aan schoon drinkwater.

people provided with clean drinking water

We love to drink coffee, but we also understand how you can enjoy a glass of fresh drinking water. For most people in the Western world it’s normal to get clean drinking water from the tap, but almost a billion people on the world don’t have that luxury. We want to help changing that and therefore we coorporate with the foundation Water for Life to provide more people with clean drinking water.

Our favourite coffices

We often work in coffeeshops, because they are nice workplaces to work with other professionals, to meet new people and to have meetings with our clients. At the map above you can see where we regularly work. If you’d like the have a cup of coffee with us to talk about your website, please contact us.

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