Technical maintenance

Just like a car needs a regular technical inspection, it’s also important for websites to get structural maintenance. The software of your website needs to be updated, the security needs to be well configured and it’s important to regularly make a back-up, so you can always go back in case something goes wrong or in case you made a mistake.

Worryless websites

With the Webpuccino® service package, all your website worries will be taken away. We take care of your domain, web-hosting, e-mail accounts and we make sure that your website is online. Every day we make a back-up of your website and we regularly run updates, so your website has the latest versions of the software. We make it as easy as possible for you to manage your own website and are here for you when you need help.

Good service

We don’t believe in holding onto clients with contracts, but in doing our work with excellence, so there is no reason to leave. Our service package is therefore terminable per month, so you’re not tied to anything. It is our goal to serve you as well as possible and to make sure that you can easily manage your website yourself. With the service package we make sure your website stays online without problems, so you don’t have to worry about the technical side of your website and can just login and manage your website whenever you want.

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