A positive contribution to the world

Webpuccino® wants to offer great products and services and also make a positive contribution to the world. That’s why we work together with the foundation One Tree Planted for planting of new trees. Every year 10 billion trees are disappearing and we want to do something to stop that.

Why trees?

Planting of trees is important, because they absorb CO2, which is a gas believed to be responsible for climate change. Trees provide the oxygen we breathe every day and they help to prevent soil erosion. Furthermore the planting of trees ensures the income of local farmers which makes a difference both environmentally and social economically.

How do we help?

Webpuccino® supports this project by using a part of the proceeds of the website service packages for planting new trees with One Tree Planted. This way all our clients contribute to a better world and together we fight climate change.

Where do we plant the trees?

We’ve chosen to let trees be planted in the Andes, because that doesn’t just give the positive effects of trees, but it also helps the local people with food, water and work. The partners of One Tree Planted are leading a Latin America-wide initiative to restore 1 million hectares of high Andean forest across 6 countries over the next 25 years. The tree planting will help restore wetlands, safeguard existing forest, and protect critical Amazon headwaters.

Do you want to help?

All clients of Webpuccino® automatically help with this project, because we use a part of the proceeds of the website service packages for planting trees. Do you want to let some trees be planted in this project? You can easily do that via the website of One Tree Planted. Click on the button below to go the page of the Andes project.

Planting trees is such a simple and effective way to make an impact. Trees clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. They help stabilize our climate, provide habitat for biodiversity, and create sustainable jobs.
– On Tree Planted

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