Not satisfied

Do you have a website, but you’re not happy with it? Maybe your website is very slow or hasn’t been updated for a long time. Or maybe worse, your website has been hacked and contains a lot of spam. If your website isn’t working anymore, you don’t always need a completely new website. You can also choose to let Webpuccino® optimize your website.

Improving your website

With a one-time optimization, we can bring your website completely up to date. We can make sure that your website is fast again and well protected against hackers. We can also replace old pictures for you and help your website to be better found by search engines. This is a less expensive solution than creating a new website, because you keep your current website which will be improved. Another advantage is that this will take less time than a new website, because a website optimization can often be arranged in less than a week.

How a website optimization works

When we optimize your website, we start by making a secure back-up so you always have a copy of your site. Then we scan your website for hacks and spam to make sure everything is clean and secure. Next, we optimize your website wherever possible, so everything will be faster and we configure your website security so it’s better protected against hackers and spam. Finally we check everything one more time and make another back-up, so you also have a copy of the optimized version of your website. Everything is then back in order and your website is good to go.

Regular maintenance

After your website is optimized, it’s in good shape again and of course you would like to keep it that way. Therefore we also offer a website service package. With that we do regular maintenance of your website, so it stays fast and secure. Read more about our service package.

Regular maintenance is optional. Of course you can also choose to optimize your website one time, so everything is in order again and after that you’ll maintain your website yourself. With website optimization we make sure that your website is back in good shape, so your website is again fast, safe and up to date.

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