Five things every business can learn from Starbucks

There are Starbucks lovers and Starbucks haters, but there is a lot to learn from this successful coffee chain. The company continues to grow and everywhere in cities over the world the familiar green logos appear. There is a lot to learn from this success and how you can apply that in your own business.

Make it personal
One of the first question you will be asked in a coffee shop is: “May I know your name?”, so they can write your name on the cup. Besides that it’s very handy when a lot of people are in line waiting for their coffee, it also gives you the feeling to be served in a personal way. The coffee is made especially for you. In whatever industry you’re operating, people prefer to be helped personally than being just a number. Good service is essential if you want to make a difference. Many companies fall short in this and therefore it’s quite easy to exceed expectations. Think with your customers to reach their goals, be interested and try to offer the best possible solutions. With that you’ll provide a good customer experience.

Be consistent
Wherever in the world you visit a Starbucks coffee place, the coffee tastes the same. You know what to expect. The coffee shops often have their own device, but the overall style is the same everywhere. Next to a good service is it important to offer quality and to be consistent in that. With being consistent you build trust and make sure people will become returning customers. What quality means can very per industry, but basis aspects are that you’re easy to reach, that you’re open and honest in your communication and that you keep your promises. That’s a good foundation for any business.

Solve problems properly
In any business sometimes things go wrong. It’s important how you handle mistakes and what solutions you offer. If your coffee is not good at Starbucks, they will immediately offer you a new cup. Even if it was not the the fault of the barista, they will offer a good solution and that is essential for a good customer experience. When service and quality are the values of your company, you’ll make sure that your customers are satisfied and you’ll offer appropriate solutions when there are problems. Solving problems can for example be done by working an hour unpaid or compensate inconvenience in a good way. The goal is that the customer has a good experience and gets the quality for which is paid.

Ask a good price
Some people will say that Starbucks might be too expensive, but apparently people are willing to pay for it. Make sure you do not offer your service or products too cheap. It can be a good strategy to compete in price, but our experience is that it’s better to distinguish yourself in quality and service. When you’re asking a little more for your products and services, it also gives the opportunity to devote more time and attention to them in order to provide higher quality.

Offer a wide choice
Espresso, Cappuccino, Frappuccino, flavoured coffee, you can get it all at Starbucks. Customize your products to the taste of your customers. Think along with your customers and give them a fitting product or service that makes them happy. Offer extras to extend your standard services for the customer who wants more. Make sure you have plenty of choice, so you can help as many people as possible.

You can learn a lot from looking at other successful companies to see what they do well and how you can apply it yourself. For us, service and quality are two of the most important values in business. Do you need help with your website or social media? Please contact us and we are happy to help you!