Why coffee and websites?

If you haven’t heard of Webpuccino® before, you might wonder how websites and coffee are related to each other. What do roasted coffee beans and programmed websites have in common? Webpuccino® purposefully links the two product with each other.


For coffee it’s essential that you have beans of good quality. You can have a really expensive coffee machine, but if you but bad beans in it, you won’t get good coffee. So is it also with websites. You can have the most expensive software to create a website, but if the code is not good, your website will be slow and not optimised for search engines. We write the code ourselves, making sure the website is build right and the content has a good structure, optimised for speed and search engines.


For many people it’s difficult to manage a website and therefore they don’t like to do it. Because of that their websites won’t get updated regularly and are often outdated. It’s our goal to develop websites that you can manage yourself easily, so it’ll be fun to keep your website up to date by adding new content regularly. Managing your website like drinking a cup of coffee, that’s the idea behing Webpuccino®. The ideal is that you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, take a look at your website and easily make changes where needed or add a new post to your website.


The best coffee places don’t just sell coffee, they sell a complete experience. From the moment they’ll greet you with the question what you would like to have to making suggestions for new kinds of coffee to actually making the coffee for you. That’s the experience we also like to offer you when you come to us for a new or improved website. We want to help you as good as we can, think with you for the best results and offer you quality products and services.

Quality, enjoying and good services. Three aspects that we think apply to both coffee and websites. Do you also want a good website you can easily manage yourself? Contact us and we love to tell you more about it while enjoying a good cup of coffee.