How much does a website cost?

Many times the first question we get from someone looking for a new website is, “How much does a website cost?”. That’s why we’ve put our prices on our website, so that’s clear for everyone. However, the answer to that question is often a little more complicated than just giving a price.

A good comparison would be if someone walks into a car dealership and asks, “How much does a car cost?”. A good salesman will ask that person what his or her wishes are. Do you want a sportscar or a pick-up truck or maybe a nice old-timer VW fan? To give a more relevant example: if you go to a coffee place and ask for coffee, a good barista will ask you what kind of coffee you want. Do you want a cappuccino, an espresso or a latte macchiato?

It’s exactly like that with websites. A website is not a standard product that’s the same for everyone. A website can be customised to your wishes. We’ve put our prices online to give an indication of how much a website approximately costs, but depending on what you want, it can be cheaper or maybe a cost a little more. The real question therefore is not how much a websites costs, but what a ‘good’ website will cost. That raises the question: “What is a good website?”.

A good website loads fast, looks attractive, has relevant content and is easy to navigate. That’s the starting point. Furthermore is it essential for a website to be high in the search rankings and to be technical up to date. We make sure a website is fast and looks good, but the relevant content is something you determine. What kind of content you place on the website is depending on what your goal is for the website and that determines the requirements and the budget.

Therefore it’s better to start with the question what your goal is with the website. Why do you want a website and what do you want to accomplish with it? If you got that clear, you can think about the information that needs to go on the website and what kind of functionality the website has to offer. Then together we can look at what a website like that will cost.

We have a lot of experience with designing, developing and managing websites and love to think along with you. If you want more information or have a cup of coffee together and talk about your website, please contact us.