The five ingredients of a great website

To make a perfect cappuccino, you start with steaming milk and after that you make an espresso and pour the milk foam over it. You can find more detailed instructions on youtube, but this is the basis. Good coffee and milk with the right volume are the main ingredients for a cappuccino.


The main ingredient of a great website is content. Your website should provide information that the visitor is looking for. Good relevant content also helps ranking higher in search results, because it makes your website more interesting for visitors. Remember to always write the content with the visitor in mind and not overload it with the search terms you want to rank high for, because that will harm the readability and with that the quality of your website.


Just as milk comes as a layer over the espresso in a cappuccino, with websites the navigation comes as a layer over the content. Just good content is not enough, people need to be able to navigate quickly through your website. A clear menu and a search field are essential for a great website and help visitors find the content they’re looking for.


Continuing with another important ingredient of a great website: responsiveness. That means that your website looks good on several screen sizes. Your website needs to be accessible on a computer, a tablet and a phone. A responsive design automatically scales to the screen size it’s presented on and is in that way accessible to various devices.


When you’ve got those three ingredients, your website is almost ready. But just like a cappuccino looks much better with some latte art, the design of a website is also important to look appealing to visitors. An attractive and recognisable logo, the colors of your corporate identity, good readable fonts and a clear lay-out combined will result in an welcoming appearance of your website.


Lastly, just as in a coffee place is speed also important. You don’t want to wait fifteen minutes for your coffee to be ready and you don’t want to wait ten seconds for your website to be loaded. These days people expect a website to be ready in a few seconds or else a big part of them leaves immediately. Therefore it’s very important that your website is optimised for speed.

Relevant content, clear navigation, a responsive lay-out, an attractive design and speed are the ingredients of a great website. Webpuccino® is experienced in creating professional websites and takes care of the right ingredients of your website. Would you like to know more? Please contact us.