The importance of website optimization

One of the most important parts of web development is optimising websites. That has always been of great importance. In the early days of the internet websites needed to be optimised because of slow internet connections. These days, most people have a fast connection, but with that also the expectations have been raised. Research revealed that where in the past people were okay to wait eight to ten seconds for a website to load, these days most of them are gone after five seconds of waiting. Besides that, there are now also the mobile internet connections that can still be slow and wherefore websites need to be optimised.

The speed of a website can also be expressed in money. The infographic from OnlineGraduatePrograms below this article displays the potential consequences of a slower website. It shows that it could potentially cost Amazon 1,6 billion Dollars per year if their website was one second slower and Google calculated that if their search results were only 0,4 seconds slower, they could loose eight million searches per day, which would also mean that they could show millions fewer advertisements and that way they’d loose a lot of revenue.

For most websites it probably won’t be that big numbers, but nevertheless is speed an important part of the User Experience (UX). People expect a fast website and when they have to wait too long, they’ll choose a competitor and no one wants that of course. Therefore Google also includes site speed in their search results. This way a faster website can also get higher in the search results, which means more potential visitors.

A good website is a fast website and that’s why the websites that Webpuccino® develops are extensively optimised and tested for speed. When websites load faster, there will be more visitors, who stay longer and the chance that they’ll return is much bigger and that is all important, because in the end websites are made for the visitors.