Five reasons why your website can be much better

1. Your website can be faster
Speed is really important for websites these days. As well as for search engines as for your users. People expect your website to be ready in a few seconds or else they’re gone. Optimising your website can be done in various ways, but in the end it’s about the results. How many seconds does your website take to load? From time to time we optimise existing websites to make them a lot faster.

2. Your website can be more accessible on mobile phones
More than half of the people go online with their mobile phone these days. Therefore it’s important that your website functions well on a smaller screen. Is the navigation easy to reach? Does the design automatically scale to the screen size of your mobile phone? Are pictures presented in the right size? All those things are important for a good user experience of a mobile website.

3. Your website can be better protected
More and more websites are attacked and hacked. Especially Wordpress websites are often target of hackers, because there are so many Wordpress websites and many of them have non-checked plugins with errors in them. It’s important to only use good plugins on your website and that you have a good firewall running to protect your website from attacks. We equip all our websites with a good firewall to protect them from hackers.

4. Your website can be easier to manager
It’s our goal to make managing websites as easy as possible. You can manage your website quite easily with Wordpress, but it’s even easier with the Webpuccino® Webmanager. You simply click on a text on your website and can change it immediately. Technical knowledge is not required, you can easily manage your website yourself, like it should be. If there are changes needed to be made on your website, you want to be able to do that yourself, so you can act quickly when necessary.

5. Your website can be better found in Google
If someone searches with the keywords you want to be found on, will they find your website? Your website can be fast and accessible, but if it’s not found, it’s useless. Optimise the content of your website, zo you’ll be better found. Write good content and update your website regularly. We like to help you to get better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results.

Your website can be much better and we love to help you with that! If you’d like, we can check your current website and let you know how it can be improved. Contact us for more information.