The most important question for every entrepreneur

I’m regularly having coffee with other entrepreneurs and professionals to exchange inspiration and knowledge. Recently I met with a marketeer who is also passionated about coffee. It was one of the best meetings I had in quite a while and it made me think.

What specially hit home was that during our conversation this guy was really focussed on how he could help me. Besides having a genuine interest in what Webpuccino® has to offer, he liked to know what our goals are and what he could mean to me. He asked a question that every good entrepreneur should ask: “What can I do for you?”

The keyword in this is servanthood. As entrepreneur you are there to help your clients in the best way possible. Don’t try to think from the perspective of making quick money or to sell your most expensive service or product, but look from the perspective of your client. How can you help your clients the best way?

In order to provide good service to people, you have to add value to them. Search to find how you can help others the best way with your expertise and experience. Ask your clients what their goals are, what they want to accomplish and think about how you can be the most valuable asset in helping them reach their goals.

When people see that you have their interest at heart and genuinely help them the best you can, they’ll be gladly working with you and also recommending you to other clients. Besides that if gives great satisfaction to help people, it is also good for the growth of your business. The best advertising you can have are the credentials of others, also called word-of-mouth advertising and if you have that, it will enable you to be of good service to even more people.