Webpuccino®, from dream to reality

Several years ago I was sitting in a small cafe on a Greek island. Looking out over a blue sea, ideas came to my mind about a better way to manage a website. Instead of having a separate system to add content to a page, I wanted to create a layer over an existing website to edit the content in place. This way it would be much faster to edit and more visual how the changes would look like on the website. I made some sketches in a notebook, wrote down my thoughts and left it there for a long time, thinking about it from time to time.

About two years later a name was there: Webdesign and Cappuccino. The combination of two things I love. While the idea was good, the name was still quite long and so not that much later the name involved into Webpuccino®. A brand that would make website management as enjoyable as drinking a cup of coffee. I wrote down my thoughts, created a business plan and again left it resting again for quite a while.

In the mean time I had several jobs as a webdeveloper at smaller and larger companies. I learned a lot and kept growing in skills and experience. The idea of Webpuccino® never let me go and last Summer I finally started to design and program a first version of the application. Showing the prototype to some of my clients was quite exciting as I got very positive feedback. People reacted just as excited as I am about this new idea of website management and that was enough encouragement to keep on going.

The Webpuccino® webmanager is now a reality and is running on a couple of websites. It is now possible for everyone to manage their website in a whole new way. I am very excited, because I have many more ideas on how to further develop this product and to keep improving the experience of managing a website.