3 tips to get a better search ranking in Google

You have a beautiful fast website and the content on it is all good, but you don’t get that many visitors on your website. What is the best think you can do? One of the most important things to be found on the internet is that you have a high position in Google’s search results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a day job in itself, but there are several things you can do yourself to rank higher in search engines.

1. Regular updates

One of the biggest challenges that people with a website have is to regularly update the content. That’s quite understandable, because as a business owner you already have so many things to do and updating your website is a thing that’s often added as last thing on your todo list. Nevertheless is it very important to edit your website occasionally and to add some new content. One of the main factors on which your ranking in the search engines is based is on how often your website is updated.

We do our best to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your website with the Webpuccino® Webmanager, but it’s your job to add new content. A good strategy to do this is to schedule time in your agenda to work on your website. You could, for example, schedule a couple of hours every last Friday of the month to write a new blog post or to check your pages to see where updates are needed.

2. Name your images

Google doesn’t just look at the texts on your website, but is also indexing the images. A search engine is not (yet) capable of seeing exactly what is displayed on images and therefore it’s important to give them good names. Instead of uploading a picture to your website with the default name, like img-9005.jpg, you’d better change the name to for example delicious-cappuccino.jpg. Then Google understands what’s on the picture and is able to index it in Google Images, which also helps your website to be better found. Another thing that helps is to give your images a so-called alt text. That’s the text that will be displayed in browsers that don’t show pictures and for visually impaired people that text will be read out loud. The alt text also helps search engines to better understand what’s displayed on the picture. When you’re managing your website with Wordpress, you can give your picture an alt text in the right panel when adding it to a page.

Add an alt text in Wordpress

3. Backlinks

Another very important factor for your search ranking is the number of backlinks to your website. Backlinks are the links on other websites pointing to pages on your website. Important to notice here is that quality beats quantity. A backlink from a large famous website often helps more than several links from small unknown websites. There are different ways to get backlinks. First you could ask acquaintances with a related website to add a link to your website or you can add your link to category websites about branch. You can also go to related websites and comment on their blog posts with a link to your website. Of course it’s also a good idea to share your blog posts and news messages on social media like Facebook and Twitter. We recommend you not to work with random people that invite you to exchange links (they offer to place a link to your website and in return ask you to link to their website), because that are often spam websites and you’ll risk getting a worse reputation instead of a better one. Coming back to the first tip, regularly writing good blog posts can also help you with getting backlinks, because other people will share a link to your articles if they find it interesting.

SEO is a profession and a lot of work, but if you got the basis right, you’re often already a step ahead of the competition. We make sure your website is fast and is technically optimised for search engines and you can work on the content of your website by regularly posting something new and to update the content of your pages where needed. Do you want to know more about search engine optimisation or would you like to have a great website? Contact us and we love to help you!