The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2016

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is a very nice place to visit for real coffee lovers. With many stands of coffee brands, coffee shops and even coffee universities there is a lot to see and learn.

Everywhere at the festival people offer you a cup of coffee, so there is a lot to taste as well. For the third year in a row a whole weekend is organised for coffee professionals and coffee lovers. From big espresso machines to special designed coffee grinders and design coffee cups, it’s all there. Every stand is different, but they have one thing in common: it’s all about coffee.


Besides the cozy coffee stands, there is a so called coffee lab, there you can learn more about everything related to coffee. Dutch national champion latte art Nick Vink gives a workshop about making latte art for beginners and advanced baristas. With a bit of coffee and milk he creates the most beautiful figures, he’s a real artist. Besides showing his skills, he also explains how you can practice making latte art yourself at home. The best way to start is just watching youtube to see how others do it and then practice a lot.

coffee-festival-amsterdam-nick-vink coffee-festival-amsterdam-latte-art-2

After the creative workshop, more theoretical lectures about coffee are given. Especially for the festival, Illy flew over their official coffee expert to tell everything about coffee. With a beautiful Italian accent Marino Petracco explains where the coffee comes from and how it’s produced. Most of the coffee is produced in Brazil, Ethiopia and India. Europe and North America are the largest consumers of coffee, although the last years Brazil is also becoming one of the main consumers as drinking coffee is gaining in popularity there too. A lot of coffee is still produced manually and as many as 21 million people globally work in the coffee industry.


The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is very inspiring and educative if you want to know more about coffee or if you’re working in the coffee business. It’s a comfy atmosphere with many people with the same passion. Seeing coffee, smelling coffee, tasting coffee and learning about coffee, using all your senses to enjoy your favourite drink.

coffee-festival-amsterdam-nick-vink-2 coffee-festival-amsterdam-latte-art

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