Turn your office into a coffee place

Working at home or in an office can be very nice, because it’s a quiet workplace with not too many distractions. Though from time to time it can be too quiet or maybe even a little lonely. Research has shown that a bit of background noise can boost creativity. The idea behind this is that sometimes you’re too focused on the problem to be able to solve it and a bit of background noise can distract you just enough to think more broadly.

You could go work in a coffee place or a shared office somewhere in town every day and for sure that might be social and pleasant, but it also has its downsides. Most coffee places and shared offices are really crowded and have too much distraction to still be able to concentrate. Besides that it can also get quite expensive to order coffee the whole day through.

There is a better solution. A while ago some creative people made an app that plays background noise from a coffee place. It’s called Coffitivity. You can go to the website to play the background sounds, but they also offer a free app. You click on play and suddenly it’s like you’re in a coffee place, at home. And when you want to return to your quiet workplace, you get out of the coffee place with another mouse click.

To complete the experience there are also many background music playlists on youtube. Search for example for ‘Coffee jazz’ and you’ll find several playlists of a few hours each that fit well together with the coffee place sounds. This way you’ll easily turn your quiet workplace in a noisy coffee place with just enough distraction to work in an optimal creative way.

We’ve made it even easier for you, below you’ll find the Coffitivity stream and a relaxed jazz playlist. Click on play and you’ll have your own coffee place at home!